Young Entrepreneur of the Year Logo / Web Header – Nu Skin

I was given a little creative freedom to stray from Nu Skin’s strict branding guidelines to create something young and fresh.

For the logo, I used a mix of hand drawn style fonts in contemporary styles that still worked well with Nu Skin’s corporate font, and included the fountain icon from the Nu Skin logo to position it under the Nu Skin umbrella.

In the web header, I opted for extremely high contrast monotone images, instead of the usual full colour (I created these images from full colour originals in Photoshop), to look a little more modern and signify that this was something cooler and different, and added a little grunge detail to tie into the handcrafted feel of the Young Entrepreneur logo fonts. I used Nu Skin’s signature blue as the full background colour, to make the web header stand out on the web page while at the same time tying it back to Nu Skin’s visual identity.


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