Leadership Summit 2017 Logo and Web Header – Nu Skin

The style of this event identity is intentionally similar to the Young Entrepreneur identity, as the events are tied together. In fact, this one was created first and the Young Entrepreneur identity flowed on from this one.

The Leadership Summit event is designed to inspire participants to action, and to motivate them generally, so I began with the idea of lighting a fire.

The logo ended up being based on the idea of a single flame. The hot orange signature colour was chosen for its energising and dynamic feel as well as its literal fieriness, making sure that it worked well with Nu Skin’s signature blue while creating a nice visual contrast. The grunge element brings modernity as well as the suggestion of scorching heat.

The distressed, handmade feel of the fonts in the web header is contemporary and strays from the usual Nu Skin look which is very clean and minimalist.

The clean, heavy sans serif of the logo font is similar to the Nu Skin corporate font, but different enough to establish the Leadership Summit as distinct. The font also has several weights, which is useful for an event that will eventually require a lot of collateral across print, web and EDM.


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